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Working Girl is the fifth episode of Lizzie McGuire's second season.


Miffed with her parents for not raising her allowance, Lizzie gets her first job as a busboy at the Digital Bean. But to Lizzie's surprise, it is a lot worse than she ever suspected it would be. Matt has some problems with Melina and turns to Miranda for advice. In the process, he develops a huge crush on Miranda, much to her horror and Gordo's amusement.


Lizzie is getting tired of going to her parents every time she wants something, but they won't raise her allowance when she asks them to. So she finds another solution to make her "free and independent" - she takes a job as a busboy at the Digital Bean.

But the new job is more than she bargained for. Her boss is a tough taskmaster, and rude, obnoxious customers - including Kate and Claire - are running her ragged. Lizzie's dad tells her she doesn't have to keep the job if it is too much trouble, but Lizzie insists that it's what she wants to do. But the pressures become too much for Lizzie one day, and she goes ballistic, bawling out her rude customers and slave-driving boss. However, as a result, Lizzie's tirade gets her fired. Thankfully, her boss tells her that she was absolutely right, and agrees that bossing someone around and always asking for things is not being free or independent at all, before sympathizing with her, saying that she "goes through three busboys a month".

Meanwhile, Matt laments to his friend Reggie that Melina doesn't care for him anymore--she's found another guy to get in trouble besides him! Reggie suggests he talk to another girl about it. Since Lizzie is too busy these days, Matt goes to Miranda for advice. But when she offers a sympathetic ear and tells him he's a great guy, Matt develops an instant crush on Miranda, to her horror and to Gordo's great amusement! Miranda doesn't know how she can "break up" with Matt, but the problem is taken care of when Melina arrives upon the scene.