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Parker Mackenzie is a girl in Lizzie's class. She was portrayed by Chelsea J. Wilson.


She is a vegetarian, as shown in the episode "Obsession", and even called Lizzie a "meat-eater". In an episode, Gordo asked Parker for a dance. She refused, because in her opinion, he is too short for her. Parker dislikes Lizzie because she sneezed on her Macaroni Art in the 2nd Grade and sat on her Titanic lunch box in the 5th Grade.[1] She also doesn't like Lizzie because of Lizzie's close friendship with Gordo, who she has a crush on.

Dear Lizzie letter

In the episode Dear Lizzie, she asks Lizzie for advice (signing her email as "I Want To Be An Only Child") on dealing with her little sister Maddy (who she sees as annoying).

"Dear Lizzie,

My little sister is incredibly annoying. She goes through all my stuff, she listens in on my phone calls and is a total pain. But my parents think she's totally adorable. What do I do?

Signed, I Want To Be An Only Child".

Lizzie's response

Dear Only Child,

Little sisters are always annoying, and you'll never get your parents to believe you. Get a lock for your room and look for an out-of-state college.

Good luck, Lizzie

From this episode, we also learned that Parker wrote about Gordo in her diary, as revealed by her little sister.