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One of the Guys is the thirty third episode of Lizzie McGuire's second season.


After setting a new school record in gym and then beating Ethan Craft in arm-wrestling, Lizzie is invited to play touch football with the "cute guys". But Lizzie is worried when Ethan calls her a "dude", and she feels that she is losing her feminity by playing football. The gym teacher, Coach Kelly, reassures her, and also reveals that Ethan calls everybody a "dude". Unknown to Matt, Fredo the chimp completes his math homework, which gets him good grades in school and praise from his parents.


The scene opens with the American flag, and it gives way to a scene in Lizzie's gym class. Turns out they have this sort of Presidential Fitness Test. Their first task is hanging on a bar. Miranda, Lizzie, Gordo and Ethan are called to be first. Close-ups of the four are shown, and they are talking while hanging on the bar. Miranda slips first, followed by Gordo, which leaves Ethan and Lizzie. Coach Kelly tells them that there's only 10 more seconds left till they break the school record for hanging on a bar. Ethan and Lizzie talk -- and somehow, Ethan finds himself slipping from the bars and he falls down. Meanwhile, Lizzie rambles on, about how it would be cool to see both their names as the ones who broke the record. Of course, when she looks to her right, Ethan's gone (he's already on the floor). Lizzie jumps down and she gets congratulated by everyone for her feat.

Next, Miranda, Gordo and Lizzie at lunch and they talk about how cool it was that Lizzie actually beat the record, as well as Ethan Craft! Ethan then approaches with his friend quarterback friend (name forgotten), and they also compliment Lizzie about gym class. Gordo butts in and rants about how some guys would normally go all egoistic about some girl beating him at a supposedly guys' activity. Somehow, it leads to the quarterback proposing an arm wrestling match between Ethan and Lizzie. Miranda urges Lizzie to say yes, and she does. Everybody gathers round the two as they start the match. At first, it looks like Ethan is winning, but Lizzie emerges as the winner. Soon, she gets invited to play flag football with the guys, and she says she'll be there.

Lizzie shows up on the field the next day, in a sporty outfit. Although she looks a little unsure, because she doesn't know anything about the game, but Miranda and Gordo are there to support her. Soon the game starts and Ethan gives Lizzie all these pointers which she totally does not understand. But she had no choice! The game ended with Lizzie jumping on this guy to get the ball and ending up in a puddle of mud. The guy whom she jumped on seemed a little angry at her and tells her this is just flag football, meaning no hard physical contact. Lizzie apologizes, but seems happy even if she's very dirty. Ethan and his quarterback-friend approach her and tell her how cool that was, and invites her for another game the next day. The quarterback-friend calls her a total monster - on the field, and Ethan tells her that she's a total dude. Miranda and Gordo come over and tell her that she did great. Miranda even tells her that this was awesome -- she's the only girl around so many cute guys! Lizzie is ecstatic that Ethan called her a total dude, when suddenly Kate butts in and makes fun of her for being a dude and a guy-girl.

Lizzie then has a nightmare where Ethan, his friend and Kate haunt her. She wakes up and calls up Miranda (5:30 AM) and explains to her her dilemma. She worries about being called a guy-girl, and guys noticing her because she's one of them, and guys not asking her out/seeing her as date-material. [note: the pj/tank top Lizzie is wearing here says boy-girl-boy-girl] Miranda advises her to try and be more girly, which Lizzie does. She goes through a whole bunch of outfits and decides on a pink crocheted top with a ribbon. She also takes time to do her make-up and she's seen putting on lip gloss. She goes to school, wearing the top and jeans and doting a girly bag. She meets Ethan and his friend along the corridor and they ask her if she's gonna play later on in the game. She tells them she can't but she'll be there to cheer them on. The two wonder why the sudden change.

Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo talk about it over lunch. Lizzie complains that she took much much longer doing her hair and putting on make-up than before and she changed her clothes 6 times before she finally chose an outfit. Her two friends comment that there seems to be no difference, which stumps Lizzie more. She seeks advice from Coach Kelly about the whole thing. The coach tells her that there's nothing wrong with being able to do guy-stuff, because you can do it simultaneously with girly stuff as well. She gives herself as an example, that she may do all these gym stuff, but she still goes swing dancing with Mr. Lang, and she even sews her own dresses because she cant find any that fit her arms. Lizzie tells her that Ethan calls her a total dude, his friend calls her a monster and Kate is totally dissing her for being a guy-girl. Coach Kelly answers her that Ethan calls everyone a dude for he doesnt have much in his vocabulary, to boys, being called a monster is a compliment, and Kate's probably just jealous that Lizzie gets to spend a lot of time with the cute guys. This changes the way Lizzie looks at things, and soon she's off to the field to play.

She throws a few footballs and then we hear the song "Girls can do anything" sung by the Kirkwood Gang the singer of the song is Elli Felico and was especially written for this episode.Elli Felico is presently working on her own music career and new songs and we wish her the best, she has a great voice and potential.Elli Felico comes from a musical family,her brother Reynaldo Felico is also heard as the drummer of Brett Michaels (Poison) new album and her brother Daniel Felico is an accomplished musician and song writer,and has played a few guitar lics on Destiny's childs song,back in 1998.

She bumps into Kate who insults her yet again, but she responds with a "Nobody likes you Kate." She tells Ethan's friend that she wants in, she doesn't care if she breaks all her nails -- she wants to play. Ethan succumbs and he gets himself out of the game to make way for Lizzie. This is where Kate tries to talk to him and he tells her off saying "Dude, Im trying to watch the game!" and Kate, flabbergasted says "I am NOT a dude!" and walks off. In the end, Lizzie ends up scoring a touchdown.