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My Fair Larry is the twenty ninth episode of the show's second season.


Miranda is throwing a big house party, and refuses to invite Larry. Lizzie feels bad about it and decides to give him a makeover and sneak him into the party. Meanwhile, Matt and Melina make friends with an elderly couple as a part of a school project and find that the old couple are just like them.


Miranda is psyched about being allowed to have a real “boy/girl” party at her place. However, she wants to make it the coolest party ever, so she invites Kate, Ethan and everyone else — except Larry Tudgeman. Lizzie thinks this is unkind to Larry, but Miranda is sure he will only ruin the party. After Miranda hands invitations out to everyone, Larry comes up and asks where his invitation is; she tells him he’s not invited, as she didn’t think he’d be interested. Larry is obviously hurt, but tries to mask it by acting as though he has other things to do — namely, a Star Trek “Star Fleet” convention to attend. Feeling sorry for Larry, Lizzie devises a plan and enlists the help of Gordo (after reminding him of how upset he felt when Danny Kessler didn’t invite him to his pool party).

They convince Larry to let them help him, and turn him from uncool Larry into very stylish Lawrence (after a few makeovers that don’t work so well). After sneaking him into the party, everyone wants to know who this new guy is — even Kate! Miranda is impressed with the hunky new guy too, and has a dance with him; in fact, she seems on the verge of kissing him when “Lawrence” reveals to her that he is really Larry! Miranda is at first shocked along with the rest of the party-goers, but then realizes that it was wrong to exclude someone from a party just because they may not be “cool”. She then apologizes to Lizzie and Gordo for the way she acted, as well as Larry for not inviting him. They accept her apologies.

Meanwhile, the teacher Ms. Chapman assigns Matt and Melina to the "Senior Pals" program as part of a community service project, something the pair are not too thrilled about. They are matched up with Moe and Marge from a local retirement home. At first both couples think their day together will be very long and boring, but it turns out that Moe and Marge are the mirror image of Matt and Melina as seventy-somethings! The foursome then spends the day pulling pranks, making mischief and generally having a fun time — so much fun, in fact, that the “old folks” miss their curfew at the retirement home and the youngsters have to help sneak them in.