Miranda Isabella Sanchez
Miranda Sanchez
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: December 15
Family & Friends
Family: Eduardo (Father)

Daniela (Mother)
Stevie (Sister)
Baby Sister

Friends: Lizzie McGuire

David Gordon

Enemies: Kate Sanders

Claire Miller

Series Information
First appearance: Rumors
Last appearance: Magic Train
Portrayer: Lalaine

Miranda Isabella Sanchez is a fictional character from the Disney Channel TV Series Lizzie McGuire. Miranda is played by Lalaine.

Biographical BackgroundEdit

Miranda is of Mexican heritage.

She has a baby sister[1] who is never seen in the series and whose name remains unrevealed.

Although never mentioned, Miranda apparently has another younger sister, Stevie.[2]

As a young child, she took swimming lessons with Lizzie.[3]


Miranda is smart and witty, and sometimes doesn't get along with Gordo. She and Lizzie were friends with Kate for a while, but Kate gained popularity and became their nemesis. Matt had a crush on her in the episode Working Girl.

It is stated in many episodes that Miranda and her family are from Mexico and they follow all its cultures and holidays. The Halloween episode shows her family celebrating The Day Of The Dead. She also knows some Spanish when the gang attempt to go on a Spanish game show, but not enough to be very helpful.

Her absence in the last few episodes and The Lizzie McGuire Movie was due to her vacationing in Mexico.

She also plays the violin.

She is a fan of Christina Aguilera[4] and dreams of becoming a backup singer.[3]

Her aptitude test suggests a career as a Navy seal.[3]

Miranda enjoys shopping at Hot Topic.[1]

Miranda is apparently a fan of Tom Cruise.[5]


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