Lizzie McGuire Wiki
Matt McGuire
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Height: Approximately 4'[1]
Occupation(s): Student
Transportation: Scooter[2]
Family & Friends
Family: Sam (father)
Jo (mother)
Lizzie (sister)
Gammy McGuire (grandmother)
Friends: Melina Bianco (Love Interest)
Lanny Onasis
Pet(s): Lizzie (formerly; a lizard)
Enemies: Haywood
Series Information
First appearance: Rumors
Last appearance: Magic Train
Portrayer: Jake Thomas

Matthew "Matt" McGuire is Lizzie's younger brother.

Early Life

  • Matt started kindergarden in 1996.
  • Matt once got his head stuck in the banister, and Gordo helped free him.


He is a scheming, witty, cheeky young prankster who goes to extreme lengths to continuously annoy and irritate Lizzie. At school, he is the class clown. He can be lazy, and, although he does have many potential talents, he doesn't use them much. His best friend is Lanny Onasis, who never speaks, but Matt can understand him anyway. Matt is sometimes menaced by a bully named Haywood Biggs.

Matt plays organized soccer, although he's not very good at it.[3]

Matt's Friday night bedtime is nine o'clock.[3]

Matt does not like Jo's chicken noodle casserole.[1]