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Lizzie Strikes Out is the twenty first episode of Lizzie McGuire's first season.


Ethan invites Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda for bowling, while on the same day Lizzie's dad wants to spend some quality father-daughter time with her. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny plan on what they can do to stop the bully, Heywood Biggs, from picking on them.


Ethan invites Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda to go bowling with friends on the weekend. Of course the girls are thrilled but Gordo isn't so happy--bowling is something he's not good at. In fact, he got so nervous doing it before that his fingers swelled up and the ball had to be cut off his hand! Miranda says she will be Gordo's "life coach" for bowling and tries to teach him a kind of mystical philosophy ("Be the ball!") Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are trying to think of what they can do to stop the bully Heywood Biggs from picking on them.

When Sam McGuire hears Lizzie talking about her sort-of date on the phone, he worries that he's not involved enough in his daughter's life. He asks her if she'd like for just the two of them to go out to dinner on Friday so they can spend some time together. Lizzie agrees, but later realizes that the bowling date is the same night! She decides she'll have to ask her father to reschedule.

Lizzie explains to her dad about the bowling and he agrees to postpone their night out, but he seems disappointed. Matt and Lanny practice their revenge technique ("Operation Mummy") for Heywood on Lizzie. Later, Lizzie talks to her mom who says her dad understands about her wanting to go bowling with friends, but Lizzie feels a little guilty afterwards. At school, Gordo sees Mr. Dig wipe out badly on a scooter, but is surprised to see that he takes it as a positive, learning experience. Miranda tries to tell Gordo he's doesn't need to excel at everything. The advice seems to be working, because at the bowling alley, Gordo throws a gutter ball, but his fingers don't swell up. Lizzie bowls a strike, to the admiration of Ethan--and her dad, too, who she invited along.


Lizzie McGuire steps in glue

Scene involving Operation Mummy where Lizzie steps on the glue and then gets wrapped by Matt and Lanny.