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Lizzie McGuire Mysteries is a series of books, written by various authors, based on the Disney series by Terri Minksy. The Novels follow, Lizzie and friends, Gordo and Miranda, dealing with teen-dramas whilst solving everyday mysteries. The stories have a Nancy-Drew Style to them and a collection of thrills and wonder.

The series were first released in the USA from 2004-Early 2006, gaining little success. The series was then released in the UK on 30 November 2009 and gained a popular success with 1999 copies sold. The rest of the Novel series was released from 2010-2016, and 3998 copies were quickly sold. Due to this, Disney Europe, decided to order new LGM books, but it was later discussed it wouldn't be relevant.


  • Get a Clue!
  • Case at Camp Get-Me Outie!
  • Case of the Missing She-Geek!
  • Hands Off My Crush-Boy!
  • In The Doghouse
  • Case of the Kate-Haters
  • Spring It On!
  • Lizzie And The Dissapearing Act!

Characters (Main)

  • Lizzie McGuire
  • Miranda Sanchez
  • Gordo Gordon
  • Matthew McGuire
  • Joanne McGuire
  • Samuel McGuire
  • Kate Sanders