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Lizzie-Gordo Relationship refers to the relationship (and friendship!) that exists between Lizzie McGuire and David Gordon. Though Lizzie kissed Gordo in their class picture in response to what he wrote in her yearbook in the final episode of the series, their first official kiss as a couple occurred in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

“Gordo and the Girl”

Lizzie and Miranda discover that Gordo has been secretly dating popular girl Brooke Baker. This throws Lizzie for a loop, and she feels hurt that Gordo never mentioned Brooke to her.

After receiving a note from Brooke during science class, Gordo ditches Lizzie with a dead octopus to go visit Brooke at her desk, much to Lizzie's dismay. That afternoon, Gordo again ditches Lizzie and Miranda at lunch to go "help a friend" with homework -- that friend being Brooke at a nearby table. Animated Lizzie says it feels like everyone is trying to kiss her "frog" (Gordo). Lizzie, who doesn't trust Brooke, expresses to Miranda that she doesn't want to see Gordo get hurt.

While chatting at the Digital Bean, Lizzie and Miranda consider whether Brooke might truly like Gordo, and they question their own feelings about Gordo. Lizzie claims not to like Gordo romantically, while Animated Lizzie laughs very nervously.

“Untitled Stan Jensen Project”

Filmmaker Stan Jensen comes to Hillridge Junior High to film a documentary about student life and takes an interest in Gordo's no-nonsense perspective. Stan Jensen pulls Gordo away the next day calling him the “leading man.” Animated Lizzie says that a leading man is usually tall, dark, and handsome. Then Animated Lizzie goes on to say that at least Gordo having 1 out of 3 isn’t so bad.

Stan encourages Gordo to stir up drama on camera, which leads to him instigating a fight between Lizzie and Miranda. Miranda reveals on camera that Lizzie had a crush on Gordo in the 4th grade. Gordo is shocked, while Lizzie is mortified.

Later, Lizzie confides in her mom about what happened at school, and Jo reveals that she had a hunch Lizzie liked Gordo in 4th grade.

“First Kiss”

Lizzie begins dating her family's paper boy, Ronnie Jacobs. She soon becomes obsessed with Ronnie and can't stop thinking or talking about him, which starts to irritate Miranda.

Lm first kiss.png

When Miranda shares her concerns with Gordo, Gordo questions what it is about Ronnie that has Lizzie so hooked. He tells that Miranda that other than his parents, Lizzie is the one person he's known his entire life and that he never considered what it would be like when she had a boyfriend. Miranda asks Gordo whether he's jealous of Ronnie, which Gordo scrambles to deny. But as Miranda walks away, he seems unsure of himself.

That afternoon, Lizzie and Ronnie spend time together in the neighborhood, near Lizzie's house. After a brief conversation about their relationship status, Ronnie gives Lizzie a promise ring and they share a kiss. As they pull apart, Gordo, who happened to be on his way to Lizzie's to give her a mix CD, looks on in shock having just witnessed their kiss.

A couple days later, Ronnie shows up at Lizzie's and tells her that they need to talk. They go outside, and Ronnie tells Lizzie that there's a girl at his school that likes him and that he's not sure how he feels. He breaks things off with Lizzie, and Lizzie runs away in tears, crushed.

Lm first kiss2.png

The next day at school, Gordo finds Lizzie crying in the school library as she tears up the notebook pages she had scribbled with Ronnie's name. Gordo sits down and gives Lizzie her favourite big chocolate chip cookie, since she missed lunch. Lizzie tells Gordo that Ronnie broke up with her, and fears that the other girl must be better than her. Gordo consoles her, telling her that there's no one prettier than her or more fun to be with. Lizzie tells Gordo that he's such a good friend, and Gordo starts to say something else to Lizzie, but decides not to.

“Just Like Lizzie”

Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda are beginning 8th grade and Lizzie is feeling much more confident in herself. She takes on mentoring a 7th grade girl named Andie who quickly becomes obsessed with copying Lizzie's style and mannerisms.

Upon first meeting Andie, Gordo does not seem impressed. But after she compliments his filmmaking skills and says a few more Lizzie-isms, he suddenly becomes hooked. The more Andie looks and behaves like Lizzie, the more attracted to her Gordo becomes. Gordo says that having one Lizzie is great, but if there were two of her words just couldn’t describe it. He eventually tells Lizzie that Andie is really cool and that if she weren't a “sevvy” (7th grader), he'd probably ask her out, much to Lizzie's chagrin. Lizzie says that he might as well ask her out then, to which he replies "Why would I want to do that?".

“Movin' On Up”

Gordo is given the opportunity to skip 8th grade and start high school a year early. Lizzie is initially very excited about this, encouraging him to go. But when she realizes that it would also mean him leaving her behind, she is overcome with sadness. Gordo takes the day to think about his options.

The next day at school, Gordo tells the girls that he has decided to go to high school. Miranda tries to be supportive, while Lizzie is still struggling to accept it. She wants to tell him not to go, but has a hard time finding her words as he cleans out his locker and walks away. At lunch, Lizzie laments how easily Gordo left them behind and complains to Miranda that she misses him.

Lm movin on up.png

Lizzie waits for Gordo at the bus stop that afternoon, eager to find out how his first day of high school went. Lizzie hopes that Gordo would have missed her too, but Gordo tells her he had a great day, made new friends and didn't miss anything about middle school. Lizzie tries to invite him over to hang out, but he has homework to do. Visibly saddened, Lizzie continues pretending to be happy for him.

Later that evening, Lizzie and Miranda are reminiscing over old photos of them with Gordo. Lizzie tells Miranda that she met him at the bus stop, and that he had a great day at high school although she still doesn't seem too happy for him. At Miranda's urging, Lizzie admits that she can't keep Gordo from going to high school just because she misses him. Jo and Miranda try to help Lizzie talk through her sadness.

Gordo shows up unexpectedly, and confesses to Lizzie and Miranda that he lied about having a good day and that he made a mistake by going to high school. Lizzie prods him to find out why, and he says he didn't want to give up his life or the better cafeteria food in middle school.

Not getting the answer she wanted, Lizzie finally tells Gordo that she really missed him. He says that he missed her too, quickly adding that he missed Miranda too. He tells the girls that he'll be returning to middle school with them.

Animated Lizzie wonders why she missed Gordo so much.

“Over the Hill”

Lizzie feels like she is lagging behind her peers because she doesn't have any specific hobbies or talents, or really know what it is that she wants to do with her life. She asks Gordo and Miranda to help her figure out her future by picking options out of a hat.

When Miranda picks "stay-at-home mom" out of the hat, Lizzie has a daydream where she and her "gorgeous husband", who turns out to be Gordo, are married with two children. When Gordo tells her to stop talking about her future husband, she retorts that she isn't exactly doing cartwheels about it either. Gordo is confused by this comment and Lizzie immediately tries to change the subject.

“Dear Lizzie”

Gordo is editor of the school e-zine and agrees to let Lizzie run an advice column on the e-zine website. Lizzie gives practical advice and her column becomes a huge hit, but she soon learns that some of her advice has backfired and landed someone in a bad situation.

Lm dear lizzie.png

Lizzie stresses over this and begins feeling too much pressure as the questions keep rolling in. She tells Gordo that she wants to quit the column. Gordo says that if she'll answer just one last question, then she can quit. That evening, Lizzie sifts through the remaining submissions, but can't find one that she feels confident answering. Finally, she receives one more submission and decides to answer it.

The next day at school, Gordo comments that Lizzie had it in her to answer one last question. Lizzie remarks that she couldn't let "Confused Guy" down, to which Gordo lets slip that she didn't. Lizzie is confused by this and Gordo quickly saves face. "Confused Guy", who unbeknownst to her was Gordo, wrote that he thinks he may like his best friend as more than a friend and asks Lizzie what he should do. Lizzie tells "Confused Guy" that he should just follow his heart, which will tell him what's right.

With this in mind, Gordo stops Lizzie as she leaves the classroom, saying that he has something to tell her. After a brief pause, he tells her that she gives great advice, and Lizzie smiles and walks away.


Lizzie agrees to let Ethan host a murder mystery party at her house, with Kate, Amy, Larry, Veruca and Gordo also invited. When everyone gathers to pick their roles, Lizzie can't believe her luck: she picked Ethan's wife-to-be! Gordo, on the other hand, is disappointed. He tells Lizzie that once again he'll be the "low-key best friend that nobody notices." Lizzie assures him that people notice him, and that one way to get her attention would be to solve the mystery at the party. She doesn't think he has much chance though, since she's sure her "Nancy Drew training" will best the competition.

The night of the party, Lizzie gets right to work trying to solve the mystery. But every time she finds a clue, Gordo either discredits it or tries to steal it from her. Gordo's behavior irritates Lizzie, and when she confronts him about it, he tells her that he has decided that he wants to win after all. She tells him that he doesn't have to be such a "dirk" about it and that she is going to beat him anyway. They agree to let the best man win.

Lizzie soon uncovers the last clue needed to solve the mystery, and tells Kate that she has to reveal the murderer before lousy Gordo beats her to it. Sensing Lizzie's cluelessness to the matter, Kate takes Lizzie aside and bluntly explains to her that Gordo is only trying to win to impress her and that everyone at school can tell that Gordo has had a crush on her forever. Stunned, Lizzie says she has to go reveal the murderer's identity to the rest of the group.

Lm clueless.png

Still reeling from this news, Lizzie prepares to reveal the murderer to the group and notices how disappointed Gordo looks that he won't win the game and impress her. She wonders whether she should let him win and whether that would mean that she likes him back. Willing to find out, Lizzie deliberately names the wrong murderer at the last minute. Gordo immediately jumps in to correctly solve the mystery, and receives congratulations from all.

As the party breaks up, Lizzie and Gordo spend a few moments alone on the front porch. Lizzie tells Gordo she was very impressed with him. He's happy to hear this, but tries to downplay just how happy he is. He then congratulates Lizzie on her sleuthing skills, and after a moment of awkward tension, he appears to be working up the nerve to ask Lizzie out on a date. But before he can get the words out, Sam McGuire makes an untimely interruption at the front door, and the moment is gone. Lizzie and Gordo part as friends, and Lizzie reflects to herself that that's how she's always thought of him.

But as Gordo walks away, Lizzie wonders aloud why she suddenly feels so flushed and lightheaded.

“Bye Bye, Hillridge Junior High”

In the series finale, Lizzie and Gordo prepare to graduate junior high. Despite some stress over starting high school, Lizzie looks forward to writing and receiving yearbook messages from her classmates. Gordo warns her that most people will probably just write “You rock, don’t ever change.” without really giving it much thought. 

Meanwhile, Gordo decides that he wants to write something special in Lizzie’s yearbook to communicate his feelings to her. But he hangs onto her yearbook for a while as he struggles with what to say. 

When Lizzie signs Larry Tudgeman’s yearbook, she remarks to Gordo about how Larry was the only boy who ever truly liked her in junior high. Knowing this wasn’t true, Gordo silently reflects back on the opportunities he had missed to tell Lizzie how he feels about her. As Lizzie goes to sign another student’s yearbook, Gordo bangs his head on the nearby stair rail in frustration with himself.

Later on, Lizzie talks to Gordo about how scary it feels to be leaving junior high and starting high school. Gordo reassures her that they will get through it together and that no matter what happens, he will always be there for her.

LM byebye hillridge junior high2-0.png

The next day, Lizzie asks Gordo if he’s finally done with her yearbook, and Gordo says he’s still not ready for her to read it. He then gets called over to sign someone else’s yearbook, and he tells Lizzie not to look at what he has written so far. But Lizzie decides to sneak a peek at his message anyway, which reads:

LM byebye hillridge junior high.png

“You rock, don’t ever change…and only, I really mean it.”

Touched by the simple sweetness of his message, Lizzie reminisces over the good times that she and Gordo had together throughout middle school. As they join the rest of the 8th graders in assembling for their final class photo, Lizzie kisses Gordo on the cheek right as the camera flashes.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Lizzie and Gordo graduate from Hillridge Junior High and embark on a class trip to Rome along with Ethan Craft, Kate Sanders, and their future high school principal, Ms. Ungermeyer.

Tlmm flight.png

Lizzie and Gordo sit together on the long plane ride to Italy, goofing around and telling jokes until they eventually fall asleep. As the sun rises, Gordo awakens and smiles to himself when he finds Lizzie sleeping peacefully on his shoulder.

After they arrive in Rome and their group has checked into the Hotel Cambini, Gordo takes Lizzie up to the rooftop of the hotel to show her the magnificent view of the city. While on the rooftop, Lizzie asks Gordo to promise her that they will find adventure together in Rome. He agrees, and they make it a pact.

Tlmm rome rooftop.png

The next day, while their tour group has stopped in front of the famous Trevi Fountain, Lizzie tells Gordo to make a wish. Gordo observes that he’s in Rome with his best friend — he’s good. So he tells Lizzie to make one instead. After Lizzie tosses a coin into the fountain, she briefly meets Paolo Valisari, an Italian pop-star who has mistaken her for his estranged singing partner, Isabella.

Back at the hotel, Lizzie has obtained one of Paolo and Isabella’s CDs and has Gordo take a listen with her in her headphones. Distracted by her scent, Gordo briefly asks Lizzie if she uses scented soap but tries to play it off. Lizzie tells Gordo that Paolo wants to meet her at the Trevi fountain the next day. Gordo encourages her to do it and reminds her of their pact to find adventure. Lizzie expresses guilt that it would mean sneaking away from the group and leaving him behind, but Gordo says she can have dibs on the first adventure and that he would cover for her. He then suggests a ruse that Lizzie fake sick in order to sneak out of the hotel.

Tlmm trevi fountain.jpg

Lizzie sneaks out to meet with Paolo for the first time, and he takes her on a vespa ride around the city. As they pull on to a tiny side street, Lizzie notices her school tour bus pulling up behind them. Immediately spotting Lizzie on the back of Paolo’s vespa, Gordo works swiftly to distract Ms. Ungermeyer from also noticing her.

That evening, Lizzie goes to Gordo’s room to tell him about her plan to pose as Paolo’s singing partner Isabella to present an award with him on stage at the Italian Music Video Awards (IMVAs). She notes that Paolo still loves Isabella, but like a sister, and gushes to Gordo about how kind Paolo is. Gordo cautions that that's a lot to say about someone she's only known a day, but Lizzie says she feels like she’s known Paolo her whole life, the irony of which is not lost on Gordo. After thanking him for helping make possible the most magical day of her life, she kisses Gordo on the forehead and tells him that he’s such a good friend. Gordo looks deflated.

Gordo’s hotel roommate, Ethan, overhears this conversation and informs Gordo that Lizzie has just given him “the sting”. Gordo denies having any clue what Ethan is talking about, and in a rare moment of observation, Ethan suggests that Gordo might be jealous of the attention Lizzie is giving Paolo. Despite Ethan’s accurate assessment of the situation, Gordo denies this and insists that he doesn’t like Lizzie as more than a friend.

The next day, while the school tour group is stopped in front of an ancient ruin, Gordo spots Lizzie on the cover of an Italian tabloid being read by two Italian girls nearby. He gets the girls to translate the article for him in exchange for introducing them to Ethan. He again covers for Lizzie by preventing Kate from spotting Lizzie through her camera while the group is stopped at a plaza. Gordo seems noticeably sad to be spending another day in Rome without Lizzie.

Tlmm gordo at window.png

That afternoon, Gordo visits Lizzie and Kate’s room to show the tabloid article to Lizzie because it says she will be singing on stage at the IMVAs and not just presenting. Questioning why Paolo hadn’t mentioned this to her, Gordo expresses concern over Paolo’s trustworthiness. Lizzie, however, is excited by the tabloid coverage and dismisses his questions as overreacting. Gordo becomes frustrated and gives up, telling her that she can believe a stranger (Paolo) instead if she wants. Moments later, Gordo watches in disappointment from his hotel room window as Lizzie again sneaks off with Paolo.

That evening, as Lizzie and Paolo watch fireworks hand-in-hand somewhere across the city, Gordo watches the same fireworks alone from the hotel rooftop.

The following afternoon, Gordo spots Lizzie sneaking out of the hotel again, just as he and the rest of the group are returning. When Ms. Ungermeyer mentions taking some apricots upstairs to Lizzie, Gordo quickly intercepts her in attempt to distract her from going upstairs. He makes a few excuses that she doesn’t fall for before finally confessing to Ms. Ungermeyer that he was the one who had been sneaking out of the hotel, not Lizzie. Ms. Ungermeyer tells him to pack his bags to go home because he is being kicked off the trip.

Tlmm gordo confesses.png

When Lizzie returns to the hotel that night after an evening of dancing with Paolo, Kate informs her that Gordo covered for her with Ms. Ungermeyer and got himself sent home. Horrified, Lizzie scrambles to find out from the concierge whether Gordo’s plane has already left. Giorgio tells Lizzie that Gordo’s plane is gone. Lizzie cries over Gordo.

Meanwhile at the airport, Gordo spots Isabella returning from her trip to the islands as she demands to know who is impersonating her. He makes a mad dash for Isabella and, whilst apprehended by security guards, attempts to tell her that it’s his best friend, Lizzie McGuire. Isabella demands more information about Lizzie, and Gordo demands more information about Paolo in return. After Gordo explains that Lizzie is doing all of this so that Isabella won’t get sued, she agrees to speak with him further in private.

The next morning, Lizzie still feels awful that Gordo sacrificed his trip for her and she decides to turn herself in to Ms. Ungermeyer. But Kate stops her and reminds her that if she turns herself in, then all of Gordo’s efforts to protect her would have been for nothing. Still feeling sad, Lizzie resolves to stay the course.

Tlmm plane is gone.png

That evening and to Lizzie’s shock, she runs into Gordo backstage at the IMVAs, where he warns her that Paolo is trying to set her up and is just using her to blackmail Isabella. Lizzie then comes face-to-face with Isabella and tells them that Paolo would never hurt her and that she doesn’t believe them. Isabella asks Lizzie whether she’s really going to believe Paolo over Gordo. She then convinces Lizzie that the only way to get back at Paolo is to force him to reveal his own terrible singing voice. With Gordo’s help, Isabella and Lizzie successfully shame Paolo on stage and Lizzie goes on to perform a duet with Isabella.

Tlmm lizzie gordo kiss.png

Back at the hotel after the show, Lizzie asks Gordo for one last sneak-away to the rooftop. Once there, Lizzie talks about how her life won’t be the same once they get home. Gordo says that she didn’t have to come for Rome for all of this to happen and that she had it [confidence] in her the whole time. After a beat, Lizzie kisses Gordo, to which he replies “Thanks”. Lizzie and Gordo head back inside to rejoin the rest of the party as fireworks shoot off in the distance.

This is the last we see of Lizzie and Gordo until 18 years later when the revival series begins.

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