Isabella parigi
Isabella Parigi is an Italian pop star and a secondary character in the Lizzie McGuire The Movie (also played by Hillary Duff). Isabella and Lizzie look identical to each other, the only physical difference between them being their hair colors (Isabella's a brunette and Lizzie's a blonde) and the fact that Isabella speaks with an Italian accent.

Character historyEdit

Isabella and her singing partner/boyfriend, Paolo Valisari, where supposed to present a award at the International Music Video Awards, but they had a falling out, possibly due to Paolo's lip synching. To avoid being sued for a contract breach, Paolo took matters into his own hands. 

Paolo meets Lizzie when she and her class where on a field trip to Rome, and takes notice to her resemblance to Isabella, and decides to use it to make it seem that Isabella's lip synching, telling her that it is required. The media takes notice and Paolo simply claims Lizzie is Isabella with dyed blonde hair. 

Since Gordo was covering for Lizzie and tells thier principal Miss Ungermyer that he has been sneaking out on the trips. When Gordo heads to the aiport, he meets the real Isabella and discovers the truth about Paolo. He explains to her what's going on and they head to the IMVA being held at the Colosseum, where they tell Lizzie the truth. At first, Lizzie refuses to believe it, but Isabella encourages Lizzie to trust Gordo, who she's known basically her entire life while she's only known Paolo for less than month.

Isabella and Gordo pull the plug on the record tape, exposing Paolo as a fraud. Isabella further humilates him by going on stage when Lizzie was already on. As Paolo leaves, Isabella introduces Lizzie to the crowd and has her prefrom her and Paolo's song "What Dreams Are Made Of" in her place.