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Ethan Craft was the boy who Lizzie, Miranda, and most of the other girls at their school have a huge crush on. He didn't appear to be very bright, but he was kind and friendly to everyone (although in the first season, he was portrayed as more of a bad boy/class bully, and once forced Gordo to do things against his will). In the movie, he and Kate get together. His birthday is March 28th.

Relationships with other characters

Lizzie McGuire & Miranda Sanchez

Ethan likes the girls, but only as friends.


Ethan used to be really mean to Gordo early in the series, but they eventually become friends. Despite that, Gordo's jealous of Ethan because he (Gordo) had a crush on Lizzie, but she (Lizzie) had a crush on Ethan.

Kate Sanders

They get together in the movie, but it's implied by Kate at the beginning that they had actually dated before but broke up (also implying that they may have an on/off relationship).