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Educating Ethan is the twentieth episode of Lizzie McGuire's first season.


Gordo becomes Ethan's math tutor because he needs the money to buy a new stereo. However, once Lizzie shows Ethan an easier way to do math, he decides he wants Lizzie as his tutor, and not Gordo. Meanwhile at home, Matt and his friend Oscar try to emulate superheroes by trying to help people. But their noble intentions are not well received by people around them as they unknowingly cause harm to them.


Gordo wants to raise money for a new stereo, so Miranda and Lizzie suggest he tutor students who need help in math. His first student is Ethan Craft, much to the girls' delight. When Gordo is working with Ethan at the Digital Bean, Lizzie and Miranda keep trying to horn in on the action and end up spilling drinks all over the guys' papers. Gordo gets mad at them and suggests that they aren't smart enough to help him tutor anyway. The girls get angry right back at him and leave.

Meanwhile, Matt and his friend Oscar are looking for something exciting to do. They decide to become "super heroes" and call themselves "Matt Man" and "The Incredible Oscar". They go around the neighborhood in costume trying to find good deeds to do, but all they do is annoy the neighbors.

At lunch the next day, Gordo is having trouble explaining fractions to Ethan. As a peace offering, Lizzie tries to help. Gordo is not too happy about it, especially when Lizzie's explanation is clearer than his own. Ethan asks Lizzie to tutor him instead. Lizzie doesn't want to hurt her friendship with Gordo and reluctantly turns Ethan down. Miranda thinks she's crazy to have done that, but Lizzie is determined to be the bigger person. But then Gordo tells the girls they owe him an apology, which gets them mad at him all over again.

Back at home, Mr. and Mrs. McGuire put a stop to Matt and Oscar's "do-gooding" outside of the house. At school, Lizzie gets an "A" on the math quiz but Ethan fails, despite Gordo's tutoring. Ethan again asks Lizzie to help tutor him and this time she agrees. But when she gets ready to leave home to meet Ethan, she can't find any shoes! Matt and Oscar say the "Evil Shoe Baron" got them all. Mom says the super-heroes better find them right away. When they do, she puts an end to the super-hero business once and for all.

At the Digital Bean, Lizzie uses a visual aid to help explain fractions to Ethan--cheerleaders! At school, Gordo apologizes to the girls for the way he acted. Ethan "aces" the make-up test with a 72 and gives Lizzie a big hug as a reward. Miranda then asks Gordo how he's going to raise the money for his stereo now that tutoring failed, but Gordo says he's not doing that anymore and is going to mooch off of Lizzie's stereo instead. Animated Lizzie thinks Gordo might be the smartest of all.