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Asnow89 Asnow89 6 April 2015

Hilary Duff- Then or Now- VOTE

Hey Hilary fans!!

We have a fun poll over on the Disney Wiki...we want to know, did you like Hilary Duff back then OR now? Head over and VOTE!!

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Roxyme Roxyme 26 September 2011

I Miss Lizzie Mcguire SO MUCH! :(

I was so sad when they cancelled "Lizzie McGuire" because i was my favorite show ever i loved that show alot! i don't know why they cancelled that show :( i wish that they have that show back. That was so sad when they cancelled that. That show was famous like 1,0000 people watch that show alot! I have starded to watch that show since i was 6 i loved every character but accept "Kate" she was bad to "Lizzie" i loved the actress

Hilary Duff i loved when she sings and everything . Love Roxy

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Kate Ray91899 Kate Ray91899 16 April 2011

Is there anyone on this wiki

Is there anyone on this wiki?

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