Angel Lieberman

Angel Lieberman
Angel Lieberman.jpg
General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Series Information
First appearance: Bad Girl McGuire
Portrayer: Jackie Angelescu

Angel Leiberman is the stereotype of the goth/bad girl. She ditches school, chews gum in class, and frequently gets detention. She is first seen in Mrs. Wortman's algebra class. Angel tries to copy off of Lizzie's pop quiz when the teacher isn't looking, and ends up getting caught and sent to detention. At first, she is furious at Lizzie, but feels better when Lizzie says that she will let Angel cheat.

Angel comes up with a lot of acronyms like LL (live large) and EE (the two letters in "geek" and "dweeb"). She calls Lizzie "Frizz" and Gordo "Gordork."

She is a fan of the rap group Eminem, and wants to start her own band.[1]


Angel has brown hair with blue and orange highlights. She almost always wears a top with her name on it, but it is styled differently almost every time she makes an appearance. She wears a lot of makeup, but it is colored regularly.


Season 1

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