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Amanda Sanders
Amy sanders.jpg
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 1984
Aliases: Amy
Family & Friends
Family: Kate (cousin)
Friends: Kate
Enemies: Lizzie


Series Information
First appearance: Party Over Here
Portrayer: Haylie Duff

Amanda "Amy" Sanders is Kate's cousin. She is in a band and is not very responsible. She is practically an older version of Kate.

Kate and Amy seem to have a rocky relationship. In the episode Party Over Here, she didn't even know that it was Kate's birthday. When Amy brings out a cake, Kate is disappointed to find that it was a strawberry cake instead of a chocolate cake, there was no candles and no one sings "Happy Birthday." Kate is shown to have a rocky relationship with Amy.


Season 2


  • Amy is played by Haylie Duff. Haylie is Hilary Duff's older sister.